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Blue Flame Propane & Butane 70/30 Mixture Gas Cans

Keeping it clean.

Manufactured in the U.S., Blue Flame propane and butane gases are clean and are made in accordance with extremely stringent quality standards. Our selection of Blue Flame gas is available in configurations such as single cans, 12 packs, and 96 packs to meet your unique specifications. The Blue Flame solvent in each gas can is filtered 11 times for maximum purity and triple-refined through fractional distillation with no mercaptans or toxic lubricants. In addition, the plastic lining of the Blue Flame Propane & Butane 70/30 Mixture Gas Can is BPA-free and food-grade. The plastic used in each propane and butane gas can is also used in beverage containers to prevent oily manufacturing residues.

Our selection of Blue Flame Propane & Butane 70/30 Mixture Gas Cans are used as a fuel source for small handheld lighters and torches, camping stoves, lamps, small power equipment and generators. The Blue Flame propane and butane refill gas cans can also be utilized as a refrigerant in refrigerators, freezers, and some air conditioning units. Make sure you always use butane gas it in a well-ventilated area.

Blue Flame Propane & Butane 70/30 Mixture Gas Cans stand apart from the rest because of the manufacturing process. Other butane and propane gas cans are made in the same factories that make similar products for spray paint and penetrating oils. When the gas bottles are made, the raw material is coated with toxic manufacturing lubricants before processing, which is later filled with a mixture of butane, propane, and nasty sulfurs. As a result, lubricant residue appears on the interior of the butane and propane can, which means these toxins are expelling all over the food that is torched.

Our catalog of Blue Flame propane and butane gas cans are available in configurations such as single cans, 12 packs, and 96 packs to meet the specifications of your application. Our gas cans are made in the same facilities as food-grade aerosol and beverage cans. Each Blue Flame gas can is also coated with a clean BPA-free plastic liner to remove any oily residue in its interior.

DISCLAIMER: This product is intended for LEGAL purposes only. Use only in WELL-VENTILATED AREAS and adhere to local laws and ordinances. Always distill every solvent before use!!

Safety first! Due to FAA regulations, solvent tanks cannot be safely transported via means other than ground. Therefore, any orders containing solvent cannot be shipped in an expedited manner. If you order multiple items including solvent and choose expedited shipping, we will have to ship the entire order via UPS Ground/Freight. We won’t split up any orders so they’ll be shipped separately. If you need to expedite specific items aside from your solvent purchase, please make two separate orders. One order will be for solvent and the other order should be the items you’d like to be expedited.

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Note to customers in Alaska: We only ship solvent via freight, and it will have to travel on a route through Canada.

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