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Ethanol 190 Proof

BVV Lab Grade Ethanol 190 Proof

(Note: Container style and color may vary)

BVV Lab Grade Ethanol 190 Proof is the second highest purity possible for extraction grade ethanol on the market and provides the user with unmatched purity while performing extractions for crude oil or even cleaning equipment. 190 Proof Ethanol is a great choice when processing oil for short path distillation processes because it can be immediately winterized, filtered, and then rotary evaporated to recover the ethanol for later usage.190 proof ethanol is a great economical choice in comparison to 200 proof.

A copy of your unexpired DRIVERS LICENSE, STATE ID CARD, or US PASSPORT and your completed and signed END-USER STATEMENT must be received before we ship out your order.

Federal & State Law Requirements

You must be the age of 21 or over to purchase this ethanol product. All Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau (TTB), federal, state and local laws must be complied with, and you may be required to provide BVV with your state or federal license even when purchasing products that require a federal excise tax payment.

Required Federal Excise Taxes & Permits

This product may available for purchase without a permit from the TTB. Because all pure alcohols (ethanol) are considered ‘taxable alcohol,’ the TTB requires a payment of excise tax of $26.00 per gallon. As direct by law, BVV applies for your tax payment directly to the appropriate federal government agency.